FPO Management Solution

FPO Management Solution

Map lands of Farmers & Members and manage it. An essential solution to manage FPO as per government requirement.

FPO Management Solution
Farmer Bodies, Societies, FPO play an important role in managing the farm activities of FARMERS.  These bodies will integrate farmers and help farmers to produce more and sell better. Even the governments are encouraging farmer bodies with lots of help and financial support. Most of the farmer bodies need to innovate the process of farming and how it is marketed. Landmap has introduced FPO management to innovate the way how agree outputs are marketed.  The most rewarding innovation is to map land and MAP farm productivity and publish it on the MAP. That is visible to millions of buyers across the globe. This innovation any FPO can adopt with no cost and get funded from Government and NABARD and various other grants. 
FPO and Crop Management from landmap will help all the societies and agricultural Organisations to map their lands, map agricultural information, publish it on the map, so that market players will reach at the right time to buy the crop.  Features of land MAP's FPO management are 


FPO Management Solution
  Map All lands of members/farmers.
   Map all the information about the land.
   Type of Land
   Source of Water
   Type of Farming
   Ownership info
   Ownership Information
   Who is the owner
   Type of ownership
   Related information
   Membership Information (when an FPO manages the land)
   Members information
   Type of membership
   Address and contact information
   Other requirements as per the need of regulatory/funding org
   Crop Information
   Type of crop
   Date of sowing
   Harvest time and dates
   Publish it on the map
   For societies, it will give the entire society list as well as productivity.
   Publish the Information on the Map.
   Publish the productivity info on the Google Map that enables buyers and sellers to connect at the right time.
   Farmers Requirements:
   Requirements of farmers can also be published on the MAP that enables the best procurement price for farmers and FPOs
   Harvest Publishing on the map also helps to connect the buyers and sellers at the right time to ensure agricultural products are procured well in time and creates healthy competition to fetch the best price for farmers.

Target Audience / Industry Appliances

FPO Management Solution
   Members list with complete information
   Farmers list
   Land wise farmers list
   Land wise Crop information
   Crop wise Information for every land.
   Harvest information
   Micro site for every land.
   Reports of farmers’ requirements.
   Sum up the entire village/society.FPO requirements
   Harvest info for any given time
   Publish it on the map for millions of view.
   CMS is useful for
   Farmer Organisations.
   Local Governments and village Panchayat to manage the farm outputs and help farmers.
   Companies who are into contract farming.
   Estates and major lands