Crop Management solution ( CMS)

Crop Management solution ( CMS)

Publish Crop Information on MAP & attract thousands of buyers. Get best deals

Crop Management solution ( CMS)

Add Crop and Harvest Information to your Land and Publish it on MAP. Get best Deals on Farm Produce.

The uniqueness of the CROP MANAGEMENT SOLUTION (CMS )is you can map the productivity of your land and publish it on Landmap.

Map your land. Add crop information. Input the details of harvest time, harvest quantity and availability.  Inputs can be done soon after sowing. This will get published on Map, which is visible for millions of buyers. Buyers can approach farmers/FPOs at the right time. with their offers. This increases the visibility of farm outputs and help buyers and sellers to carryout business at the right time.  This is very useful for perishable commaditeis and Vegitables.   


Crop Management solution ( CMS)
  Features of Crop Management Solution:
   Step 1. Map land and utilize all land management features.
   Step 2 Add land to access Crop Management Solution.
   Start inputting the crop and harvest information.
   Input Group Crop Like rice, raagi, jawar, etc which can be weighed.
   Input countable Plants/Trees. Plants like teak, sandalwood, where you can number a tree and manage it can be input countable crop.
   Input Harvest time, harvest quantity and availability.
   This will get published on the MAP. This can be seen by any buyer across the globe.
   Buyers can contact the sellers/farmers with their offers.
   Information reaches immediately after inputting crop information. So that buyers can contact
   Manage Trees and Maintain them and enter the growth.
   Carry out periodical sensus to monitor the growth of trees and their health.
   Get reports of crops/harvest
   Input multiple crops for any land.
   Add inventories/facilities available on the land and map it
   To view a sample and demo please visit and click on Crop Management solution and demo

Target Audience / Industry Appliances

Crop Management solution ( CMS)
   Any Farmers and Individual landowners
   FPOs and other farmer bodies
   Gram panchayats and village level bodies to manage all the lands and its productivity and help farmers
   Companies/families that have many lands
   coffee/tea and other estates to manage the entire asset.
   Companies/FPO/Socities and farmers bodies.
   Buyers and sellers of Farm outputs and requirements.

Benifits And Advantages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a solution to Map the crop information on your land that is available on the MAP. Map the land and you may add crop information and harvest time date and quantity etc. This will be available on map for buyers to approach sellers ontime and buy. This is a bridge between farmers and MArket players