Map My Project/ Layout

Map My Project/ Layout


Map Your Project with layout plan and site-level info.

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Map nearby Landmarks 

GIMS LANDMAP has introduced an innovative solution to help the marketing of layouts and plots. Your layout will be made available on google map for buyers to view. It is on the location and with plot-level information. Give more info to buyers and get serious leads. Currently, you are showing a map mark of your project. With this, you may show the layout along with site-level information. 

Layout Image 

Location mark 

List of important landmarks that you need to show to buyers. 

Time Required to complete the service : 1 Days

Service Samples

Sample image of mapped project on Google Map. 

Get your project plotted on Google Map with plot level info update on day to day basis

Map My Project/ Layout

Image sample of the plotted project

Video Link  

Video of a project plotted on the location to the scale

Map a project - sample image
Map My Project/ Layout
Map a project - sample image

Map a project - sample image

Map your project with plot level info, change it every day. Update buyers with the latest information.


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