Drone Services

Drone Services

Aerial view of the project is most appealing as it provides the buyer with a bird's eye view.

Drone views are taken in 4K resolution using the high precision camera.

Buyer can study the location and have a feel.

Development around the projects can be shown effectively.

Greenery and the landscape can be covered to provide a visual treat for the buyer.

Nearby imp landmarks can also be grabbed.

Technical Features:

Shot using 4K resolution.

The output will be edited and made to one length and given.

Titles can be added to the output.

The time required to shoot and deliver: 5 working days.

Location Visit schedule 

location Geo coordinates 


Time Required to complete the service : 5 Days

Service Samples


Upper Bhadra Project  

Drone Shot Of Upper Bhadra Project

Lush Greenery  



Overall Charge applicable for this service!

Net Charge
₹ 15000

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