1 Min Project Movie @ Just Rs 25,000

1 Min Project Movie @ Just  Rs 25,000

Video Marketing is the Most Powerful Marketing. Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linked in Google+ are a powerful communication medium. Do you have the right content to reach out global audience?  If you don't have you are missing on a good marketing platform.  Create a good video. Not just video it should be a GOOD SALES PITCH. It should be developed after understanding the buyers, their requirements and Demands.  It should motivate the viewer to act. It should generate serious leads. It should be done to cater to the attention limits of viewers.  GIMS will help you to do such a sales pitch. This is a cost-effective solution that can bring many filtered leads to process and convert.  It is just Rs: 20,000 only. 


Time Required to complete the service : 10 Days


Overall Charge applicable for this service!

Net Charge
₹ 25000

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