Map your layout and manage it the smartest way

  • Virtual project site visits!
  • Enables faster decision making!
  • Speeds up sale closure!

If you are all set to launch your most attractive real estate project, you’ve got just half the job done. The bigger challenge is in promoting it–showcasing it, providing quick, accurate information, highlighting its benefits and convincing the prospect on it. GIMS Landmap helps you with it all with interactive tools!

The intelligence you need. Already built in.

As a developer,

You can list and map your land / project/ layout, offering your prospective customer or associate easy access to accurate information, facilitating quick assessment and evaluation.

The system also offers you options to promote your project in a compelling manner with videos, pictures, brochures and 360 panoramic views of your property along with cutting edge features such as real time plot booking management.

See how project developers are taking advantage of GIMS Landmap!


Trinco Tapaswi

Gajaria Enclave Phase 2


Plot Booking Management

This innovative feature provides instant information on the status of the individual units in your project. For example, a prospective customer will know how many plots have been sold, how many are remaining and the options he has in terms of dimensions, direction, and other specifics. This speeds up the decision making process for the customer.

Do explore this site to further understand what GIMS Landmap can do for your project and how best you can leverage it.



Pricing Plans

  • Explorer : Rs. 999/- – Gets you a micro site with embedded link.
  • Pro : Rs. 10,000/- with comprehensive location intelligence Plus Explorer Features
  • Business : Rs. 20,000/- Plot management Solution Plus Pro Features for One Layout
  • Enterprise : Rs 40,000/- 'Business Features' Up to 3 Layouts.
  • Individual Land Owners : Mapping your land is free with basic features. However Asset Management costs as per below table.
        Up to 3 Units of lands mapped – Rs. 999/- per year
        4-10 units of Lands – Rs. 1,999/-
        10-100 units of Lands – Rs. 2,999 per year/-
  • For other Solutions : Send in an enquiry to get the pricing plans

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