Map your land & manage it. Essential for Agricultural , Commercial & Industrial Land

The land is a valuable asset. It is the fastest-growing asset. Every piece of land has an owner, boundary, area, dimension, khata number, title deeds, etc.

We perform various activities like BUYING, SELLING, DEVELOPMENT, CROP, PRODUCTIVITY, etc. LAND MAP helps people to map your land and manage it. Both for productivity and for commercial. This is a free application to map and manage your asset LAND.


  • Map Any land just by picking the Mapping tool.
  • Get Dimensions, Area of your land automatically. Helps to perfectly Map your land.
  • Get Elevations of your land - know the highest point and lowest points of your land.
  • Get Rainfall - Average rainfall in the region
  • Enter the SOIL data of your land.
  • Get Expert Advice: Based on the above information
  • Enter Rainfall Data: Enter actual rainfall data of your locality make it accurate.
  • Map any land Agricultural land/commercial land/industrial land.
  • View all your land in one screen MAP VIEW. as well as the list view.
  • (when an FPO manages the land)
  • Add photos/videos of your Land
  • Map inventory/ Facilities available on your land.
  • Maintain assets that are in the land
  • View report /map of inventories
  • Pay and Manage Property Tax and many more
  • Get a MICRO site on Google Maps.
  • Share any information with a click.

Target Audience / Industry Appliances

  • LANDMAP is Useful for
  • Farmers and Individual landowners
  • Companies/families that have many lands
  • Brokers who are dealing in lands.
  • Major estates and
  • Companies/FPO/Societies and farmers bodies.
  • Grmapachayats and Village Panchayat