Publish Harvest info on Map and get best Price


Farmer's organizations main objective is to

1. Improve farm outputs.
2. Expand the Marke/marketability for Farm Produce.
To achieve these objectives any farmer's organization must embrace technology. Whether it is cultivation, using of equipment, providing seeds, reaching the markets all such activity needs to be done using technology then there is a possibility that an FPO can do best to their members. But the problem with most of the FPOs is that they have an aversion to the technology. Either they are not fully aware of the tech implications nor they don't have an idea of how technology can contribute to the welfare of the FPO or society. Most of the management thinks implementing technology is luxury but they don't understand the utility of the technology.

Even though some societies/FPOs are using technology that is just restricted to members list generation and entering outputs. But this kind of implementation of technology won't support the cause or the objective of society. It may just to some extent.

What are the areas an FPO can look at? is the question. To take the best advantage of the technology you may use the following.

Assessing Requirement: When hundreds of farmers are farming together a society needs to sum up the requirements of all the members such as equipment, machines, tractors, tillers, etc. If the technology implemented solution does not provide the option to advocate such a solution it may not be useful. Societies should look into these areas for embracing technology.

Mapping of lands: It is important to map all lands of the farmers. With boundaries and various other details. This will give clarity to an organization about the land holdings, its extent, access and various features like elevation, rainfall, climate and soil data. This helps a society to seek the best expert advice as the data is well classified and critical info like soil, elevation, rainfall are in one map. Societies must adopt technology that does the mapping all farmers lands with details. This will surely improve the agricultural produce.

Mapping of Inventories: Every land will have various types of useful inventories like Pump, borewell, fencing, Drop, Water source, Tractors, tillers etc. If the technology allows to map all such inventories a society can make the best use of the available equipment and water. This can be a revenue source for some of the farmers.

Publishing of crop/harvest info on the MAP: maps are widely sued apps. If a society/FPO can opt to map harvest information that will have big impact on the marketing of farm produce. there are apps that will map the farmers' produce and publish it. Such apps are a real boon for an FPO or society. FPOs must adopt such solutions as it will boost the revenue of farmers. It will bridge the gap between the market and the farmers.

Mapping of harvest info will have long term impact as it will be seen by millions of people well in advance. This is a critical need of all societies that can be met. Perishable commodities can be moved to the market at the right time and avoid a loss to farmers.

Meeting Government REquirement: Most of the FPOs or societies are funded by government and other bodies and they are accountable. Ensure that required reports in the format required are produced so that society needs not rely on different systems to manage.

GIMS LANDMAP is one such application that meets all such requirements. This is a free application that any FPO or society can implement. For implementation, you may contact or call 8549949999