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Map and Indes LAND and get best out of your land
Whether you have an agricultural land or commercial land you have options to make the best out of your land.
Essential for FPOs and Farmer s' Organisations

Land Mapping is the next big business that is bigger than Flipkart and Amazon India put together. It is not just mapping that creates business. It is the process of linking the productivity and commercial aspect of the land that can create the opportunity.

Land is a valuable asset. Every piece of land is available on the map and it is unique. Every land has various information like area, dimensions, elevation rainfall, climate, soil quality, etc.

Every land has an owner, various documents attached to it. Land has productivity as well as a commercial implication.

Mapping of a LAND & storing all such data and indexing is the next big business in the line.

Landmap is an attempt to map land and index it. Once it is indexed you may add any amount of data and make best use of the valuable asset LAND. Whether it is to improve agricultural production or for the marketing of agricultural produce LANDMAP has a roll.

The interesting fact about landmap is, you may publish your crop and harvest information on the map and reach millions of buyers well in time. For example, you may sow a crop on your land and may expect the crop/harvest in 120 days. You may add this data to your land and publish it on the map. You may add the dates of harvest available quantity, quality, variety, etc. This information will be available to all landmap users/viewers. So that buyers can approach the sellers on time and sellers may get more offers so that they can choose the best one. This helps very much in case of perishable commodities, where reaching the market on time is a challenge.

It is not only productivity you may also input your requirements so that sellers of pesticides, manures, seeds, may approach farmers and give the right deals on farmers' procurements.

When you map a land, it will automatically generate various features like area, dimensions, elevation rainfall, etc. These are very useful features for land users.

A Land will have 2 major classifications. 1. Agricultural Land and 2. Commercial Land. While we need to measure the productivity of the land for all agricultural Landmap can cater to both types of lands. Land map is working to map and index every piece of land. Once you map and classify land then we may build apps that can create convenience for people to use it for their needs.

Landmap is a free application that allows any user to Map a land and stores the information as per the user's needs. It is an asset management tool designed to optimize the productivity of land.

Just to feel it start mapping go to

?and enter landmap and start mapping your land. for any help do contact 8549949999.