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Purpose of GIMS Landmap: To map and index every block of usable land across India and build mapping applications and solutions that help citizens, businesses, farmers, Government and various other stakeholders leverage and maximise the productivity of land, translating to purpose and prosperity at ease.

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LANDMAP solutions are targeted for making the best use of valuable asset LAND.
Whether you have an agricultural land or commercial land or industrial land or a layout you can make use of landmap solutions.

GIMS Proprietary Dynamic Mapping Technology!

GIMS Landmap has developed a proprietary dynamic mapping technology that enables to map a land or layout of any shape, size, orientation and elevation onto google maps that can be zoomed in and out. In simple terms it means the image of land (layout, farm land, Resort etc) of any size, shape, elevation can be stitched onto google maps or any other map solutions at actual location that can be zoomed in and out.

Once the land is mapped, our proprietary technology allows users to upload images, videos, 360 Deg views, documents etc related to that land asset enabling world class asset management.

The icing on the cake is the AI enabled Location Intelligence feature that provides our users deep insights into the location of their land. About 20 different data insights are already available such as Elevation, Population, Major Infrastructure developments near by, City zonal maps, Soil Type etc are already available. Weather you are a layout developer, Farmer, infrastructure projects, Govt Agency, Land Planning agency or a Business Owner there is something for sure that you can take advantage of. Team GIMS Landmap continue to add more data insights with every passing day.









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Listing apart, GIS Landmap offers you a host of other innovative features to help you promote your project.
It's like having a virtual marketing partner!


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Map and showcase your land. Get measurements, elevation, rainfall, soil data and access to Land Asset Management tool. Add crop or do more for free!

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