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A FREE application that helps you to MAP your land and Manage It. Whether it is Agricultural Land, Commercial Land or Industrial Land Landmap has a solution.
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GIMS Landmap

Geo Information and Mapping Solution

Map - Store - Manage- Land.

An Asset Management tool to Map and Manage Land.   We aim to map and Index every piece of land. 

Every land is available on the MAP and it is unique. Landmap uses the same land to build a land information system.  Land is a fast appreciating asset that has productivity. There is a need to have an asset management tool that helps you to manage your valuable asset LAND.

Every piece of land has an owner, boundary, area, dimension, khatha number, title deeds, etc. We perform various activities like Buying, SELLING, DEVELOPMENT, CROP, PRODUCTIVITY, etc. LAND MAP helps people to map your land and manage it.   Whether you have agricultural land, commercial land or industrial land or Residential layout Land map is essential.

MAP your land for FREE  

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LandMap Solutions

LANDMAP solutions are targeted for making the best use fo valuable asset LAND. Whether you have an agricultural land or commercial land or industrial land or a layout you can make use of landmap solutions.

Land Management Solution

Map your land & manage it. Essential for Agricultural , Commercial & Industrial Land

Crop Management solution ( CMS)

Publish Crop Information on MAP & attract thousands of buyers. Get best deals

FPO Management Solution

Map lands of Farmers & Members and manage it. An essential solution to manage FPO as per government requirement.

Layout Management Solution

Map approved plan, Update site level info on Map , Manage inventory and Clients

Drip Management Solution

Billing and Drip monitoring System for DRIP MAnufacturers and Dealers. Map installation & Prepare bill as per government guideline.

Farmland Management Solution

Map Farm land, map layout plan and Update your buyers what is happening in their FARM.

Mapping Application Development

Geo apps, Mapping Applications, Asset Tracking Apps

Landmap is working with various mapping applications.  Mapping of City Intelligence, Location intelligence, Developmental mapping is some of our core strengths.  Dynamic mapping is a new area of mapping tech we are working with.
  • City Intelligence Creation.
  • Location intelligence Mapping
  • Data Mapping,
  • Asset Mapping and tracking. 
  • Village Mapping/City Mapping. 
  • Dynamic Mapping - a new technology 
  • Apps required for managing Smart city, Major infra project, land allocation.
  • Smart City Mapping App. 
Many more such apps will be developed for your needs and specification.
Do contact for any of your requirements. We will do a sample with no obligation. 

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