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Training School

Google has introduced sketch. A 3D modeling tool. This is a simple modeling tool. A Student can learn with ease and start constructing his own 3D models. It is not just modeling he can showcase his talent and skill to the world through a student showcase provided on Google server. All these are aimed at nurturing student skills.

Google Sketch up made 3D modeling simple and fun. A student can start learning 3D modeling skills. Within 50 hours of training heshe will be able to able to build his own models. This may be model of any object like Mobile Phone, Television, Table, Beaker, Chair, class room, interiors, landscape and anything he chooses. A student can model his world.

Google has Made all this possible.

The aim: to model this world.
Why student should learn 3D modeling.
  1. It is a tool which improves his creativity.
  2. Brings out geometrical and engineering abilities at young age.
  3. He can model any of his experiments and exercises.
  4. This improves his visualisation
What a student can do with Sketch up Training.
  1. Can model any inorganic objects
  2. He can use it for his experiments and projects
  3. Can store it in Google and showcase it to the world.
  4. A Student showcase for every school will be provided on Internet.
Contents of Training:
GIMS and Google will provide contents for Sketch up training. This material has been prepared keeping an Indian student in mind. We provide complete content, training and certification to a student along with school.

Contents cover complete set of sketch up tools, Modeling skills, Texturing skills and preparing a complex model.

Gims is model service provider for Google earth.

GIMS a listed company on Google as professional Model service provider. Only Indian company to have such listing.We have more than 10 years of experience in the field.  

We are providing modeling solution to many Indian companies.

Any student of class 5 and above can take up this training and work with sketch up.

We have done extensive R&D on this with various age group students and found that students of class 5 and above can use sketch up comfortably and build models.

How this can be introduced in schools
In USA and Europe students are learning 3D modeling as a part of their curriculum. Most of the schools have introduced 3D model to students at class 5. This has a very good result.

A school may choose to introduce 3D modeling skills in any of the ways which is convenient t o the school
  1. Making it as part of curriculum
  2. As part of SUPWWE  subject
  3.  By providing specific time (Period) for this activity
  4. Week end classes
  5. Summer course.
  6. Or any other way school thinks fit.
Duration of training: We require 72 hours to train students in the subject. + A practice time of 72 hours. This may be split into required number of periods as per the convenience of school.

Facility required: Computer Lab spare capacity and time will be used for this training.

Hard ware and Soft ware:
Available computer lab will be used for this purpose. Sketch up wont require very high end computers. Computers with P4 with 256 MB Ram are sufficient to start training in sketch up.

Software: will be provided by Google.

Role of GIMS:
GIMS is instrumental in spreading Google Sketch up and 3D modeling skills to students in India. We are looking to build “My India in 3D” under the concept  “Model  My India.” This is a mission to which we are looking the cooperation of all schools.

Fees and revenue and sharing.
Will be fixed once we know the number of students and resource modalities.

GIMS a listed company for Google will provide certification for all students who undergo sketch up training.  Certificate will be done along with the name of the school. ( Co branding ).

For more details call
on 080-411062324.
Geo Information & Modeling Solution

Course detail
Course Name Sketch up Essential 1 and 2
Content Creating of 3d model of a building and locating them on Google Earth
Objective On completion a student can model a simple building and place it on Google Earth.
Duration 20 Days 40 Hours
Deliverables Google Certificate. Course Materials PDF format.
Eligibility Any age any qualification will fit into this program.
Course Name SketchUp Advanced and Geo Modeling
Content SketchUp Advanced skills Land scaping Reading CAD files and importing CAD data
Objective On completion of Course student can do an existing building or an upcoming building. He can do the landscape and place the project in Google Server
Duration 2 Months 2 Hours a day
Deliverables Certificate. Course Materials PDF files Live Project
Eligibility SKP essentials 1 and 2.
Course Name Specialization in 3D Architecture
Content SketchUp essentials one and two. Advanced sketchup skills + 3D max or Maya with architectural specialization to create a rendered object and movie. Includes lighting, texturing and rendering of an inorganic object.
Objective To create the architectural walk through and Geo modeling.
Duration 6 Months
Deliverables Certificate. Course Materials
Eligibility 10th or 12th with creative abilities
Course Name Web Designing
Content HTML , Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop
Objective To help students to have an encapsulated knowledge of Concepts in web designing, designing web pages interactively, create interactive web animation effects and manage and integrate rich content web sites.
Duration 3 Months 2 Hours a day
Deliverables Certificate Course materials Project.
Eligibility 12th Completion
Course Name 3D Animator
Content 3D MAX/ MAYA
Objective To become an animator and handle Modeling and animation jobs with lighting and texturing
Duration 6 Months
Deliverables Certificate Course materials Project.
Eligibility 12th Completion

» Placements:

1. Gims is a company involved in Development of GRM and delivered more than 200 GRM     projects to its clients across globe.

2. We impart Training using our production expertise.

3. GIMS is an Authorized Training Center for SketchUp.

4. We are afflicted with many of the production houses, animation companies, web design     companies and architects for supplying manpower.

5. As SketchUp ATC we also get requirement for trained professionals from various companies     across globe.

6. Students who completes training in SketchU, 3D modeling, web design have ample     opportunities to get placed.

7. 100% placement guarantee will be given for career based courses which has a duration of     one year and above.

8. Placement will be given to the students who complete the course in a given schedule with A     grade.

9. Such students will be placed within 6 months of completion of course.

10. Register for jobs using student login for jobs.

11. Short term courses will have placement assistance.

12. All the students who join for other courses will also have placement assistance.

13. How placement assistance work:

14. A Student on completion of course and getting certificate should register for employment     using student log in.

15. We generate requirement for trained manpower from various companies.

16. Student who matches the requirement the requirement will be alerted through a mail and a     copy to the prospective employer.

17. Based on this a student has to attend the interview and get placed.
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SketchUp ATC is planning to implement 3D technology training in all schools of the country. SketchUp

SketchUp 3D Technology @ GIMS     Read more
‎''SketchUp'' authorized center ''GIMS'' is conducting a SEMINAR on saturday 23rd April 2011.

» SketchUp
» Training School
» Google API
» Web Designing
» Specialization in 3D Architecture
» Sketch up Advanced and Geo Modeling
» Sketch up Essential 1 and 2

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