Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence


Map all the Developments of the region & Tag it to your project. & Share it to educate enquiries to get convert fast. 

  •  Development plans of the Government.  (CDP 2031 Plans) are very essential to measure the potential of your project region. 
  • ITRR and STRR and how it affects Project
  • IT Impact Zone and Airport, Impact Zone
  • New Peripheral Ring Road. PRR
  • BMICPA Region Map 
  • Growth Clusters as per CDP 2031 and how it affects your projects. 
  • Major Road projects coming up in the outskirts of City. 
  • Upcoming METRO Aligenment. 
  • Share your project.
  • More than 1500 Intelligence maps that helps you to sell faster and better.
  • Map all important landmarks near your project.
  • Get the attentiion of 4000 people who visit landmap every month. 

It is not just mapping, We tag these maps to your project and provide you a sharable link. 
That helps buyers to have proper analysis and take quick decision.






      Time Required to complete the service : 1 Days

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      Location Intelligence
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      Brand Page Image Sample

      This page helps the sellers to map all their projects, Map the location intelligence and navigation data. This helps buyers to have the right info at their finger tips.

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      for Sriram Lands 

      customization of Location Intelligence for Sriram Lands


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