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Gims Land Bank:

GIMs is aiming to build a land bank of all the lands and land related documents using satellite imagery of Google Earth. GIMS land Bank allows you to locate your property, mark your property, mark the boundary of your property, enter the relevant data and maintain it online. GIMS Land Bank helps you to maintain your land data, monitor, update, sell, buy and showcase globally.

GIMS will also helps you to have a sketch of your property. Along with sketch you can have many more information and details of ownership, area, survey number and all the requirements of a land record.

Very important part of this application is it is available on real time data of Google Earth.
That means you can view your property on the actual location. You can view, measure and do show it to any one across globe. Real estate buying and selling is happening across globe. In this scenario it is a very important tool to showcase your property and have records of all your land records.

1.How to sign up or register ?
It is necessary that you need to sign up and  register with us if you want to upload marked boundary.
Registering  with us is free  ,  please follow the below steps to register.
In the home page of our website there is a tab named register    ,  click  on this.
Please fill all the details  asked in this page. Once all the required details are filled, click on create
Account   button. Password will be mailed to the email id provided by you. This password and the username provided will help you to upload the marked boundaries to us.

2.How to fly to any location needed ?

Enter the nearest place or location of your project. For Example if you want to fly to Bangalore  ,  Type the same and Click on Fly .
Using roads and other data locate the nearest land mark you know. Tips: Use Scroller on your mouse this will enable you to zoom in, zoom out, tilt and rotate. Use arrow button to pan to any part of the earth. Panning road by road locate the land/property you want to mark. Zoom in as much as possible or required. Press hold scroller and tilt the location to top angle.

3.How to mark your property ?
Tick on the Mark boundary  option.
Click on starting point of your property. Go  on clicking at all corners of of your property. Confirm the boundary is correct or not. If it is correct upload it.
Note:If you face any problem  while marking or make a mistake while marking please click on clear boundary  tool .This tool will erase all the point created so that you can start marking it again.

4. How to upload the marked boundary ?

Login to our website using the username given by you and the password mailed to you.
Go to gims landbank page which is present in the google earth view tab. Mark the boundary follow the steps 2 and 3 mentioned above to mark the boundary  . Once the boundary mark is done click on upload landmark  option. A new page will open. Here fill all the details asked and once filled click on button.


  • What is land Bank:
  • It is the sketch (boundary) of your land on the actual location.  You can view your property on the actual location of Google Earth.
  • How does it works?
  • Using GIMS application you can draw the sketch of your land on the actual location of Google Earth. This file will be saved in our server and can be recalled using GIMS application. This works on your browser. Now you can view your land bank in your browser.
  • How Can I draw the sketch of my property?
  • We have given the process on line Please refer the demo and refer the link:
  • Can I upload my land sketch to GIMS application.
  • Yes you can upload your property to GIMS application.
  • How much will it cost to me?
  • Uploading of your property sketch is free for users. This covers the basic service of drawing the boundary of your sketch and uploading some basic data of land.
  • How will it be useful for me?
  • Land bank is primarily designed to maintain your land sketch and related data in the server. There are various levels of uses for end users.
  • You can maintain your land and view it online in the real time data of Google Earth.
  • You can show your property to any one across globe by sending a link.
  • You can have all your property in one place and easy to monitor.
  • You can measure the area length and width of the property.
  • For buying and selling it is a very good marketing tool.
  • Can I maintain details of my land like ownership, survey sketch, khatha, survey number, Phaqni etc.
  • Yes it is possible and the facilities are being introduced shortly.
  • Can I upload multiple properties using my log in ID.
  • Yes it is possible to upload all your properties into GIMS Land Bank.
  • I want my property to be seen by only by me or my contacts is it possible.
  • It is possible.
  • Just upload your property and while uploading select  private view. Then only when u log in your property details will be seen.
  • If you want to show it to your clients/contacts, generate a link while u r logged in that link will display the property to your contacts. This may be sent by mail or linked in your website.
  • My property is appearing to all even if I give private view option?
  • Only boundary mark will be seen not details. This allows people ot generate enquires for their property.
  • Can I create a page of my own and load all my properties.
  • Yes it is possible.
  • I want to send links by email. Will it work?
  • Yes . Please generate link while u r logged in and use the link to open and see your property from a remote place. 

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