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Model My India

Model My India mission is to build India in 3D.

Model My India is a mission to build India in 3D. It is a virtual model of every city, buildings, structures, etc.  It means each and every house, Apartments, hospitals, shops, bus stands, railway stations, airports, hotels, tourist spots and other structures that are built or to be built will be modeled in 3D and the models will be placed on the actual location of Google Earth. The models are called Geo reference models. The models will have shame shape, size and color. This is a huge task, but we are determined to model India in 3D. As the task is big we are also looking for people across India to be a part of “MODEL MY INDIA”. Students, Professionals, Architect, Engineers, Contractors, and House wife and general public who are interested are invited to take part. 
MODEL MY INDIA is a very useful and productive solution for individuals, organizations and government bodies and local governing bodies. This helps in better planning & better utilization of resources. It helps to build better house or structure.
MODEL MY INDIA is the result of GRM solution developed by UV animation. We have spent 30 months and all the research and introduced the concept of Geo Reference Model. (GRM)


Geo Reference Model
Geo Reference Model is the solution developed by UV animation. This is the model of an upcoming building or structure on the actual location of Google Earth.
Following are features of GRM. 

    1.  GRM is a 3D model of an upcoming building or structure or any project on the location of Google Earth.
    2.  It will have same shape size and scale. For example if the building is 100 M height and spread across 1 acre of land we use the same piece of land and model it.
    3.  It will be placed on the actual location of Google Earth taking latitude longitude and elevation coordinates.
    4.  GRM is interactive:  User can zoom into any part of the building\project and take a look. Tilt Rotate and play with it.
    5.  IT is web application: access from any part of the globe.
    6.  GRM can have exterior, interior and materials data. This can be engineering tool, marketing tool and exhibition tool.
    7.  GRM is GPS and navigation enabled.
    8.  GRM will be uploaded to Google server.

Above features and advantages will help any builder, developer and town planners and infrastructure companies to visualize well and build better.


  1. Perfect visualization on the location: gives the right idea.
  2.  Helps to build better: helps contractors, architects, and owners by giving a realistic visual on real time data.
  3.  Materials data like tiles, roofing, and cladding will help in improving the look of building.
  4.  Structural data will help contractors to understand things well and build it.
  5.  Very Fine Marketing Tool: Can be accessed from any part of the globe on Google Earth.  This is more effective and appealing solution for Real Estate marketing.
  6.  GPS and Navigation helps to reach the project. This is a next gen tool.
  7.  We can use it as an address locator in the days to come.
  8.  Streets and roads models will help in better planning of traffic flow.
  9.  People across the globe will be able to know India in a better way.
  10.  People across the globe can visualize India on web
  11.  Helps Government Bodies to Plan and execute projects in a efficient way by Visualizing the location in 3D

Visualization on the location will have many advantages. Because of these reasons GRM has gained the confidence of Architects, builders, contractors and Real estate players and real estate agents.


  1.  Housing segment : Every house being constructed needs GRM
  2.  Commercial Real estate ; GRM is very essential for any building which is for sale\lease\rent
  3.  Tourism projects and hospitality industry needs GRM
  4.  Infrastructure Projects:  GRM is very essential tool for infrastructure project like
    1. Town planning
    2.  Bridges
    3.  Flyovers
    4.  Roads
    5.  Airports, Sea ports
    6.  Water supply irrigation dams etc.

This is an invitation to join the great task of MODEL MY INDIA. A Task of Building India in 3d! A challenge to model millions of houses, buildings, structures on the location of Google Earth. Initiative to educate masses to perform the big task and to reap the benefit!
MODEL MY INDIA is a concept of Learn, Earn and build your country
GRM is not limited to any sectors, with its evolution it is being used in various sectors like:

1. Real Estate builders and Developers.
It will be of great help to real estate builders and developers as this will be an interactive model showcasing the site on virtual tour with all real time data intern giving them a cost effective marketing solution.

2. Infrastructure and Development.
It will be an important tool for co-operation and coordination between the engineering agencies, making there work easier and studying the terrain surroundings for the most of the infrastructure projects is made possible.

3. Tourism.
All the important tourist landmarks will be either modeled or image plotted to enable the tourist to know more details of the place that he visits. He can measure the distance b/w his current and next destination and plan his trip accordingly.

4. Hospitality- Hotels, Resorts
It becomes imperative for Hospitality sector to showcase their amenities in the best way that brings the customer back again and again, to do so the 3d model will be helpful to have a virtual walk through of the project and showcase the amenities.

5. Education sectors.
Before joining any education institution every student wants to know about the college and the infrastructure. To generate more admissions by investing very less capital is made possible by GRM model of the School/College, where in the student can get to know each and every detail of the infrastructure provided.


GIMSa Bangalore, India based organization – specializes in Geo Reference Modeling and Geo Based Applications. Listed company on Google 3D WAREHOUSE as Professional Model Service Provider! 
We are into Geo Reference Modeling, Geo Reference Application, 3D Modeling and Animation Training. GIMSis an ambitious and a young company that aims to be the leader in the field of Geo Reference Modeling. Bringing over seven years of experience from the animation industry, in design and layout, to the production of high quality 3D model and animation , GIMStoday has successfully designed and developed over 100 projects for its esteemed line of clients across globe.

History “then and now”:
It all begun with the realization that the world is catering to the immense opportunity in the field of Animation. The first step for us was to do a research, with a core team having experience in the field of animation and a couple of intellectuals who were able to visualize our existence as the leader in the country concerning our field of work. In due course of our rigorous research we were able to identify one area which the world will look upon to explore business opportunity world wide. That is “Geo Reference Modeling”. What can one ask for if we showcase their projects in Google Earth, which is considered as an alternative way to seeing the world today for business opportunity.
Today GIMSstands tall in this field of Geo Reference Modeling commonly called GRM. Our association with Google as “Model Service Provider” further strengthened our beliefs and our commitment to model INDIA in 3D!
                         This given birth to the concept “MODEL MY INDIA” – A mission to Build India in 3D.



 Model Service provider – Google Earth


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» Model My India
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